Birds in Dresses


Three paintings for scarves featuring bird-like creatures.
The idea behind these paitings came from a day working at the Musselburgh racecourse in Scotland, where I observed women and men dressed extravagantly, like birds, while getting more and more wasted through the day.
One of the scarves reads as follows: When I saw them, they reminded me of exotic birds. They wore colourful dresses and mad hats on top of their heads. They also took little steps when walking, their feet stuck inside shiny shoes. Their faces were painted, like masks. They were there to see the horse races.

Paintings are gouache, pencil and felt tip pen on paper (80 x 80 cm).
Scarves are digitally printed on silk satin chiffon. (90 x 90 cm). Printed in the UK.


All images and designs are copyright © Clara Leitão and may not reproduced