Series of drawings and sculptures developed during the two-week residency “Um Grão na Asa” in Vila da Branca, near Aveiro, Portugal.

Birds eat fruits and carry trees in their bellies. Insects dig little holes into the fruits and are decomposed by their sugars. Plants sip on the soil’s liquids. Caterpillars, feces and toads inhabit the damp earth. Everyone has their role in this coordinated, harmonious and violent dance. 

While dancing, critters are born and die, whilst also killing and giving birth to other critters. Plants stretch their necks, searching for the sun and the rain, stretching their long limbs, sometimes suffocating their partners, sometimes lending them a helping hand. 

Beneath the earth lies a network of long, fine hairs, interconnected and entangled. Messages, warnings and important substances run through them. Nature’s creatures stretch their arms, touch each other, search for each other, avoid each other: it is an ever-repeating ballet that goes on until the end of times.