How to Make a Tree

The sculpture How to Make a Tree is part of the project 17 Goals on My Mind, organized by Anneberg Kulturpark and Kunstkollektivet 8B, in Odsherred, Denmark. This project supports the creation of 17 public sculptures, each one inspired by one of UN’s 17 Sustainable Development Goals. How to Make a Tree relates to the 4th of those goals: Quality Education.

Clara worked in partnership with 23 students from Nykøbing’s primary school, ages 9-10. The children wrote and ilustrated a story and Clara created a wooden puzzle from their drawings. In a workshop held by the artist, the students painted and assembled the puzzle freely, creating a series of miniature sculptures. 

The final large scale sculpture was inspired by these puzzles and executed with the technical assistance of sculptor Alexandre Homem, Clara’s partner. The sculpture is made from natural wood boards and structured with a metal foundation.

The painting includes details of motifs made by the children using paper stencils. How to Make a Tree explores the step-by-step process of transforming an idea into a three-dimensional object. With access to the right tools, in this case access to education, it’s possible to tell our own stories and shape the world according to our own vision.

1. How to Make a Tree
270 x 280 x 290 cm
Natural wood; paint; metal foundation 

2. Wooden puzzle made from children’s drawings

3. Assembled puzzle
4. Workshop with the children of Nykøbing primary school

5. Children mounting the painted puzzle

6. One of the puzzles created in the workshop 

All images & designs are copyright © Clara Leitão and may not be reproduced