Portfolio of selected paintings, illustrations and textile works.




Everything behind an open door (2023) / Solo show at Galeria Arte Periférica

An open door is a passage to another place. This place can be familiar, like a room in our house. 
For imagining an individual’s existence as a larger or smaller room reveals to us that most people are only acquainted with one corner of their particular room, a place by the window, a little area to pace up and down. That way, they have a certain security.
It can also be the whole world. We open a door to go out, to come in, or just to take a peek. We open doors because we need to leave something behind. But doors are not only passageways. They also serve to guard, protect, hide - an half-open door is as appealing as it is terrifying, but above all it is an invitation. On the other side, not only places await us, but also other beings. We may discover that even these beings are portals to the unknown.
(…) we are not prisoners. There are not traps or snares set up around us (…) If there are dangers then we must try to love them. (…) Perhaps all dragons in our lives are princesses, only waiting for the day when they will see us handsome and brave? *

*excerpts from Letters to a Young Poet by Rainer Maria Rilke