6 colour handmade silkscreen print + book developed during a 10 day residency at NoPoint Atelier, in Bulgaria.
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In many versions of “The Beauty and the Beast”, a girl sleeps with a monster against her will. She eventually finds out he is actually a beautiful prince who’s under a spell. However, she discovers this right before his spell is about to end, and so she must suffer the consequences. The prince leaves her, and she must go through extreme hardship to find him again.

“Travessia” tells the story of a girl who goes on a long journey. While illustrating “The Beauty and the Beast”, it also reflects on the difficult paths we must cross in life, both in the physical world and within ourselves.


“Some journeys take many years to be completed. The road is long and full of dangers, there are steep hills and some bad guys but there are also green forests and the blue sea.
Coming to the end of the road, the traveler must inevitably be another.”

Introduction to the book, riso printed in black and white with silkscreen printed details. The book contains 8 illustrated pages and is written in Portuguese and Bulgarian.